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Vista Grill

Vista Grill combines amazing food with the best views of downtown Puerto Vallarta available. Make sure you enjoy a “Sexy Coffee” nightcap while enjoying the fireworks.

La Leche


Celebrity chef Nacho Cadena makes visual and culinary magic nightly at his upscale restaurant, La Leche. Don’t miss the Quiero Mi Tuna.

La Palapa


Vista Grill’s beachfront cousin, La Palapa combines Mexican with Asian and French elements to bring you a fresh, local culinary experience you will not soon forget.

Fajita Republic


Prepare for the best fajitas of your life! A long time favorite of our staff, if you’re looking for rich, traditional, Mexican fare, search no further!


Bar Morelos


Mezcal lovers will be in heaven here. Bartenders serve up the finest mezcals in the country while offering a great local bar feel, craft artisan cocktails and nightly live music.

La Vaquita


They serve drinks in huge liter cups. There is a wet T-Shirt contest. Think Señor Frog’s without the food. Also, 2 for 1 drinks on Wednesday… You boys like Mexico?!



nightlifeArguably the best club in Mexico, Strana is nothing short of incredible. You will not find a more visually impressive club in North America out of Las Vegas. With hundreds of moving lights, flame throwers, led screens, and what seems to be a rotating spaceship of lights and lazers your senses will be peaked constantly at this superclub… and did we mention the entire roof retracts at 2 AM?

Strana’s motto- “The club of club for the night of nights”

La Santa

The newest and largest club in Puerto Vallarta, La Santa boasts Vegas like sound and lighting to entertain the throngs of affluent Mexican nationals that pack this club every weekend.


Mandala is the original super club in Puerto Vallarta. Directly on the malecón, the front of the club opens to views of the ocean.